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AndySnap (version 3.1)          (size = 1.2 M)    November 17, 2006
For Windows XP, and Windows 2000.

Updates in this release ...

  • Option to show AndySnap in the taskbar
  • Can create new folder when setting destination directory
  • Multiple file selection for drag and drop actions
  • Minor fixes.

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    This program is provided 'as is' and you download at your own risk. There is no spyware, adware, or malicious code, however I am not responsible or liable for whatever happens to your computer, even if it starts to emit a foul odour.

    Revision History

    version 3.0 ..... (2006-Feb-09)
  • Automatic date codes insert the current date (or just year, month, day ) into the filename
  • Drag and drop images to other OLE enabled applications
  • Drag and drop image files to other folders
  • You can now optionally capture to the Clipboard (press 'C' to capture)
  • Remembers preferences for different users on the same system.
  • Clicking on the mini-splash screen (when booting minimized) opens the main screen.
  • Some viewer updates (less flickering, resize bug corrected)
  • Minor fixes. hr> version 2.1 ..... (2005-November-22)
  • AndySnap now spans multiple monitors (up to 4)
  • Pressing the 1,2,3, or 4 key during capture automatically selects that respective monitor.
  • Now remembers previous over-ride file name
  • An additional sound for file-saving errors.
  • Floating notice for when most, or the entire, desktop is selected.
  • Tooltips.
    version 2.0 ..... (2005-October-24)
  • (option) Captures mouse pointer in image
  • File name override during capture (press 'F')
  • You can now resize the form to enlarge the image viewer
  • You can delete an image by right-clicking it in the viewer.
  • Now minimizes to system tray
  • Floating message when entire desktop is selected
  • Remembers capture regions from previous run
  • New colour scheme !
  • Moving mouse over mini-splash screen (when booting minimized) will show next capture filename
  • Right-click icon in system tray also shows next image filename
  • Fixed capture complettion message (wasn't showing save errors properly)
  • File prefix checking is no longer case sensitive
    version 1.22 ..... (2005-September-8)
  • Initial public release