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Why did I make this program ?

I wanted a screen capture program that worked simply and quickly, but I thought that $35-$60 was rediculous to ask for a little utility like screen capturing. So I wrote AndySnap.

AndySnap is free for personal use ... but $5 will help me keep this site up.

AndySnap is fully functional, and has only one little nag screen. You can use it free for personal use if you like, but if you have found this program useful, why not donate $5 ? Your donations help pay for this web site and enable me to keep offering it to you.

If you are a business, I do ask for a $5 / copy donation, but please contact me for bulk pricing.
Once you make a donation via Paypal you will receive a registration code that you can enter that will remove the start-up nag screen, and give you a warm fuzzy feeling all over !

Donations encourage me to support and expand existing products, and maybe even develop new ones. Asides from the time and effort to write and support these programs, it also costs me money for the webspace and bandwidth just to make it available to you.

We accept donations via PayPal or even credit card (via PayPal). Quick and easy ! Just click on one of the buttons to the right.

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