Paroramic Image Scrolling

Tired of having your nice wide (or tall) images squished into an undecipherable band ? PhotoCafé keeps the image nice and big and then slowly pans across the picture.

Photo Layouts

Show your images full screen, as a pile of photos, or a scrapbook page of images from the same folder / web source.

Automatic Re-Scan

Tell PhotoCafe how often you want it to check for new images. Daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly (or never).

Image Effects

Have soft vignettes applied to your images automatically by PhotoCafe. You can have random masks that are used occassionally, or all the time. Make your images pop out of the screen by adding a soft shadow underneath. Have your photos shown in 'black and white', or B&W with a little contrast for an artistic look.


Have random background images, use a specific background image, or have none at all. You can also easily have special background images for particular folders of images.

Night Mode

Photocafe will turn off your monitors in the evening, and then turn then back on in the morning (or whatever time period you wish). Keep your photos displaying all day, but you don't have to worry about your monitor lighting up your house during the night.

Embedded Dates and Descriptions

Digital Cameras imbed all sorts of information in the JPEG images it takes. PhotoCafé can extract this data and ( optionally) show the original date that the photo was taken. If you have a description of your photo stored in the EXIF data, PhotoCafe will extract and show that too!

Music and Sound Effects

  • Random or specific sounds when changing photos.
  • Play music found in the same folder as the photo
  • Play music from an m3u playlist.

  • Multiple Monitor Supoprt

    PhotoCafe can support up to 4 monitors connected to the same computer. You can choose to have different images are put on each screen, or treat all monitors like one big desktop. Panoramic images will always be spread across multiple monitors to show as much as the image as we can.

    Display Images From Flickr, RSS Feeds, or the Internet

    Point PhotoCafe to a place on the internet and it will scan for photos. PhotoCafe will also collect titles and descriptions from RSS feeds, Flickr users, Flickr Groups, and Flickr Interestingness.