PhotoCafe list of features ...

  • Create Image Lists From Local or Internet Sources
    - Local storage device
    - Flickr Interestingness
    - Flickr Groups
    - Flickr Users
    - Images on a web page
    - Images linked from a web page.

  • Automatic Updating Of Image Lists
    - Image lists can be automatically updated Daily, Weekly, Monthly. (PhotoCafe rescans the location)

  • Image order display options
    - Sequentially (in order)
    - Randomly
    - All images from a random folder, sequentially
    - All images from a random folder, randomly

  • Change Image Display Time And Crossfade Time

  • Pause the Slide Show, Jump Forward or Go Back Images

  • Automatically Rotates Images Based On EXIF Orientation

  • Backgrounds / Background Images
    - Background Images can be shown a certain percentage of the time
    - Specific Background Image
    - Random Background Image
    - Background Image from folder of current photo (e.g. Put a back ground image of leaves in your folder of Autumn Pictures)
    - Custom background colour
    - Add your own background images
  • Panoramic Image Scrolling
    - Can scroll horizontal panoramic images
    - Can scroll verical panoramic images, including or excluding portrait photos

  • Supports Multiple Monitors On The Same Computer
    - Up to 4 display devices
    - Also supports 2x2 grid of monitors
    - Separate photos displayed on each monitor while panoramic images span across all monitors.
    - option to use common height area between monitors of different sizes / resolutions. This prevents cropping of images in these situations.
    - option to treat all monitors as one desktop

  • Photo Captions
    - Two customizable caption boxes. Can customize colour, font, position, contents, position on screen.
    - Caption content can be:
    . filename
    . containing folder
    . image dimensions
    . EXIF date
    . EXIF description
    . Flickr description
    . Flickr title
    - Boring filename filter replaces / hides filenames like DSC03423

  • Photo Layouts
    - Full Screen (to extent of image size)
    - "Pile Of Photos" layout stacks images on top of each other.
    . stop photo stack for panoramic photos so they are shown large
    . optional border added around stacked photos
    . border colour and frequency customizable
    - "Four From Folder" layout shows four random images from the same folder.

  • Special Effects
    - Alpha masks provide soft or hard edges, shapes, logos.
    - Add your own Alpha Masks
    - Alpha masks can be used all, or only some of the time.
    - 3D soft shadows (for images smaller than the screen, of course)
    - Convert photos to "black and white", all or just some of the time
    - Add some artistic contrast to "black and white" converted photos

  • Sounds and Music
    - Specific or random sound effect during image transition
    - Add your own sound effects
    - Play music found in the same folder as the current image (e.g. Put "It's A Small World" in your Disney trip folder)
    - Play m3u music play lists during slide show.

  • Widescreen Aspect Adjustment
    - Adjust aspect ratio when connecting computers such as laptops to external widescreen displays. Prevents images from being 'streched'.
  • Night Mode (turns off Monitor at night)
    - Turns monitor(s) off and pauses slide show during a specified time interval (tyically over night)

  • Image Tracking Shows All Images In Slide Show Before Showing The Same Image Again.
    - works for all image order options (e.g. random)

  • Show Image Processing Status (for those that are into that sort of thing)