PhotoCafé (version 6.0.1)       (size = 9.2 M)    October 25, 2006
(for Windows ... click to download).
(new in this version)
  • Supports 1-4 monitors
  • Downloads and shows images and image links from a URL (website)
  • Downloads and shows public images from Flickr user accounts
  • Downloads and shows images from Flickr photo groups
  • Downloads and shows images from Flickr Interestingness
  • Alpha channel image masks (random, specific, none) for vignettes and effects
  • Stacked Photos layout - piles up photos on your desktop
  • Four From A Folder layout - show up to four related photos on the screen
  • Background images (random, specific, colour fill)
  • Can use background images found in same folder of currently showing image
  • Create 'Black and White' (greyscale) images from colour photos
  • Plays sound effects during image transition
  • Plays music from a playlist (m3u) during slideshow
  • Plays random music from the folder of the displayed image
  • Supports EXIF image orientation tags. (rotates images)
  • Now two caption boxes
  • Can choose location and contents of caption boxes
  • Captions can show image dimensions
  • Captions can show image description (EXIF or flickr)
  • Captions can show image title (Flickr images only)
  • Add borders to photos on image stack
  • Stop image stack to show pano large.
  • New configuration screen
  • Show image processing status
  • Shadows support alpha masked images
  • (fixes)
  • Better handling of large images
  • Better management of image lists
  • Shows all images before showing same image again. (more robust)
  • (6.0.1)
  • Resize configuration screen to fit on smaller resolutions

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