Your Smart Board-Game Scoring Buddy!

Spend more time playing your favourite board game and less time fiddling with complicated scoring.   BoardGameBuddy helps you track tokens, VP, bonus points – whatever you want – and the app can calculate the score for you.   Custom graphics further immerse yourself into the theme of your games.  

Are you the rule expert for your favourite game ?  Or want to score in a different way ?  You can even create your own game template and submit it to share with the community. Instructions to come, but for now the detailed BoardGameBuddy Game Template Reference is available.

Give it a try – it’s free!

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Some videos…

One of the great features of BoardGameBuddy is the ability to download custom Smart Scoring Templates for particular games.  In this video I will give a demo of some of the smart scoring in the board game Carcasssonne:

One of the great new features of version 2 of BoardGameBuddy is the ability to keep track of bids and scores in trick-taking games like Wizard.  Here I will show you few sample rounds:

If you just want to do some quick scoring and don’t need to use one of BoardGameBuddy’s smart game templates, then you can just do Simple Scoring.  Here I show how to do that, and the difference between tracking a solo player and a group of players: