Creating your own Avatar Collection (manually)

The easiest way to create your own avatar collection is to start a Scoring session, change the avatars and player order to how you like, and then save that collection to use again later.

However you can also create your own avatar collection manually outside of Board Game Buddy. For those of you that are technically inclined, here is how you do it:

Create and Assemble Your Images

  • Image Size: although Board Game Buddy will accept any size of image, using images with a size of (width=300 & height=200) pixels is best
  • Transparent Backgrounds: the program supports transparent backgrounds in image formats such as PNGs.
  • Assign Player Colour:
    • Board Game Buddy likes you to associate a particular colour to your image. This won’t change your image, but will determine what background and scoring colours the program will use. It also helps you relate an image to a particular colour of meeple/token that you use on your board game.
    • You can have multiple images with the same colour in the same avatar set.
    • To associate a particular colour to your image, add the three letter prefix of the colour and a dash (eg”ORA-“) to the front of the image file name. (the dash is to help differentiate a colour vs the name of an un-assigned image)
    • examples:
      • hulk.png would become GRN–hulk.png
      • big_banana.png would become YEL–big_banana.png
    • Here are the supported colours and their prefixes:
      • RED – red
      • ORA – orange
      • YEL – yellow
      • CYA – cyan
      • BLU – blue
      • LIM – lime
      • GRN – green
      • PIN – pink
      • PUR – purple
      • TAN – tan
      • BRO – brown
      • WHI -white
      • GRA – gray
      • BLA – black

Create the XML file

The XML file is just a text file that lists the images and tells some information about your avatar set. You can export any current avatar set from Board Game Buddy if you want to see what the XML file looks like.

Here is an example, with descriptions below:

  • XML file name: the XML file name must start with “bgb_set” (without quotes, note the underscore between bgb and set). examples: bgb_set_boxcars.xml, bgb_set_fruit.xml
  • XML tags (the data): Each piece of information in the XML file is identified with a “tag” telling the program what data it is. Here is a list of the tags you can use:
    • <setName> This is the name that Board Game Buddy will display when it lists the avatar sets for you to choose.
    • <setAuthor> This is who created this avatar set (you!)
    • <setNotes> A brief description of this set.
    • <showBarColours> set this value to either true or false depending on whether you want Board Game Buddy to show the coloured background bars behind each players score by default. (the player can always toggle this during a game under settings)
    • <avatarPath> the file name of one of your images. You can have as many of these as you like in this file. You can multiple images with the same associated colour in the same set if you like.
      • Note that the order of the images is the order they default to in Board Game Buddy.

Create ZIP file

  • Put the XML file and all your images in a standard non-encrypted ZIP file.
  • You can now import that collection into Board Game Buddy and it will show up

Have fun and remember to share your creation with your friends !