Creating your own Avatar Collection (manually)

(this section under construction)

The easiest way to create your own avatar collection is to start a Scoring session, change the avatars and order to how you like, and then save that collection to use again later.

However you can also create your own avatar collection manually outside of Board Game Buddy. For those of you that are technically inclined, here is how you do it:

Create your images

300×200 pixels is best

supports transparent backgrounds in formats such as PNGs.

associate it to a particular colour by adding three letter prefix plus “–“

(list colours)

Create the XML file

list tags and what they do

note that the order of the images is the order they default to in Board Game Buddy.

Create ZIP file

put the XML file and all your images in a standard non-encrypted ZIP file. You can now import that collection into Board Game Buddy on any device !