Adding your own avatar image/photo

In Board Game Buddy it’s easy to change your avatar to almost any image on your device – including photos from your camera!

While playing your game, simply touch your current avatar and a dialog will open allowing you to choose a new one. Note that the avatars are sorted by their associated colours, but you are free to choose from any colour set.

To add a new image to the avatar collection, press the “add image” button (you may have to scroll to see it if there is a lot of avatars).

Your device image gallery will open and you can choose what file you would like to import.

Once you select your image, you can assign a colour to it. This only affects what set the image will be saved in, and the colour of the colour bar that appears behind it (you can turn that off if you want)

And now your new avatar is available for this and any future games !

Technical details:

  • Horizontal images work best.
  • Optimal image size is 300 x 200 pixels, but you should be able to copy any image to Board Game Buddy. Note that Board Game Buddy makes a copy of your image in its workspace, so nothing will happen to your original image (it will take up more space on your device howere)
  • Board Game Buddy recognizes alpha channels for images with transparent backgrounds (like PNG and WEBP files)

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