Creating your own Avatar Collection (manually)

(this section under construction)

The easiest way to create your own avatar collection is to start a Scoring session, change the avatars and order to how you like, and then save that collection to use again later.

However you can also create your own avatar collection manually outside of Board Game Buddy. For those of you that are technically inclined, here is how you do it:

Create your images

300×200 pixels is best

supports transparent backgrounds in formats such as PNGs.

associate it to a particular colour by adding three letter prefix plus “–“

(list colours)

Create the XML file

list tags and what they do

note that the order of the images is the order they default to in Board Game Buddy.

Create ZIP file

put the XML file and all your images in a standard non-encrypted ZIP file. You can now import that collection into Board Game Buddy on any device !

Adding a new set of Avatars

In Board Game Buddy, not only can you use your own photos as your player avatars, you can also add collections created by other Board Game Buddies!

To import an avatar collection that you have downloaded, just follow these steps:

1- Download the avatar collection to your device that is running Board Game Buddy

2- Run Board Game Buddy, and start a new scoring activity by pressing SCORING and then NEW GAME

3- when you get to the page that allows you to choose your avatar set, press the SETTINGS icon in the top right corner.

4 – in the SETTINGS dialog, press the button “import a new avatar set collection”

5 – browse the files on your device and find the ZIP file that you just downlaoded and press it

6 – once the program has finished unzipping and importing the avatar collection it will now be available in Board Game Buddy to choose and use !

Exporting a set of avatars to share with your friends

Have you created a collection of avatars of your favourite pop-culture theme and want to share them with your friends or other people on the internet?

It’s easy to export an avatar collection from Board Game Buddy:

Navigate your way to the screen where you would normally choose your avatar set when starting a new game (Scoring > New Game > …)

Press and hold the avatar collection that you would like to export until the pop-up menu appears. Choose the EXPORT option.

Board Game Buddy will then create a ZIP file in the Downloads folder of your device. This ZIP file contains all the images in your avatar collection as well as the XML file that helps describe it. No need to open the ZIP file, just send it to your friends or post it online. Your friends can then import your collection by adding the set of new avatars on their device.

Saving a set of player colours and avatars to use again

Do you play with a regular game-night crew? It’s easy to save the colours and avatars that you set up so you can use them again the next time.

At any time during your game, press the Settings gear icon in the top right corner. In the settings dialog select the “save current set as a collection” button.

When prompted, give your avatar set a name and then press the green check mark. That’s it !

Next time you start a new game, you will find your avatar set in the list that you can choose from:

Once you have saved your own avatar set, you can also export it to send to your friends.

Adding your own avatar image/photo

In Board Game Buddy it’s easy to change your avatar to almost any image on your device – including photos from your camera!

While playing your game, simply touch your current avatar and a dialog will open allowing you to choose a new one. Note that the avatars are sorted by their associated colours, but you are free to choose from any colour set.

To add a new image to the avatar collection, press the “add image” button (you may have to scroll to see it if there is a lot of avatars).

Your device image gallery will open and you can choose what file you would like to import.

Once you select your image, you can assign a colour to it. This only affects what set the image will be saved in, and the colour of the colour bar that appears behind it (you can turn that off if you want)

And now your new avatar is available for this and any future games !

Technical details:

  • Horizontal images work best.
  • Optimal image size is 300 x 200 pixels, but you should be able to copy any image to Board Game Buddy. Note that Board Game Buddy makes a copy of your image in its workspace, so nothing will happen to your original image (it will take up more space on your device howere)
  • Board Game Buddy recognizes alpha channels for images with transparent backgrounds (like PNG and WEBP files)